Kidney stones: Healthy drinks you should drink to flush them out naturally

Kidney stones unfortunately are more common than people realise – from young children to older adults, this painful condition affects many. According to the National Kidney Foundation, over half one million people are taken to emergency rooms because of kidney stones each year. It is estimated that this condition affects 10% of individuals at least once in their lives. Experts advise that in the event that a stone in the kidneys you should consult with the doctor prior to treating the issue promptly. However, if you’re not one to go through the medical procedure and try some drinks that will help eliminate kidney stones naturally.

  1. Water: Dehydration is a major risk reason for kidney stones, consequently, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids to eliminate them naturally. Every fluid helps flush away toxins and stones the urinary tract in a natural way. One method of making sure that one is adequately hydrated is to observe the color of urine. If it appears light and pale is a sign that you are properly hydrated. If it is darker in hue is a sign the person has a water shortage.

  2. Milk: Milk which is rich in calcium, can be an excellent method to eliminate kidney stones that are calcium-based. This is due to the fact that calcium is the key ingredient to build strong bones. It can also decrease the absorption of oxalates, an organic acid that is found in plants. It can also be synthesized by the body which helps prevent kidney stones.

  3. Lemon Water :Freshly mixing lemon juice with warm water does not just add an energizing twist to drinks but also helps keep one hydrated and helps in breaking kidney stones too. But, it is important to drink the water through straws to avoid contact with teeth and to reduce the acidity.

  4. Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar with just two tablespoons in the form of a glass of water, can soften dissolve, break down or dissolve kidney stones, making it easier to eliminate them via urine. But, it is recommended to drink it with caution due to the acidic content of it could damage stomach wall, raise acid levels, and also alkalize the urine and blood.

Disclaimer: The suggestions and tips included in this article are intended for general information for informational purposes solely and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice by a medical professional. Always consult your physician or a dietician prior starting any fitness program or making any modifications on your eating habits.

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