Germany says Albania and North Macedonia should be allowed to swiftly join EU

The German chancellor has asked his country’s European Union to swiftly conclusion accession talks with west Balkans nations and to accept the countries as members.

In a statement on Monday Olaf Scholz, who replaced Angela Merkel last year, suggested that North Macedonia and Albania should be permitted to be a part of the group.

“Every further delay makes Western Balkans more vulnerable to third party influence,” Mr Scholz is who is a social democrat, told reporters during an open press conference after an interview with Swedish premier Magdalena Andersson.

“It is clear for both Germany and Sweden that the EU must push ahead with institutional reforms to make itself capable of enlargement.”

The comments are made in the midst of EU expansion is pushed to the top of the agenda due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the desire to join the EU.

Albania as well as North Macedonia have been candidate nations for joining the EU until 2020, however, they haven’t made any progress in the labyrinthine procedure.

EU authorities are concerned about the Western Balkan states do not comply with standards regarding corruption, politicization of the judiciary, or the rule of law.

It is believed that the 27 EU presidents and prime ministers did their best to concentrate on EU membership at the last European Council summit in Brussels and instead focused on the conflict within Ukraine along with the energy crises.

The previous week, Mr Scholz declared that his opinion that the Western Balkans should be admitted EU membership in order to ensure peace.

Other countries, like France are more skeptical of expanding the union at the very least in its current condition. French the president Emmanuel Macron has previously said the enlargement process was not appropriate and has that he would not approve of any enlargement.


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